2016 Audi A8

Audi is a German automobile which produces all types of cars ranging from the sports cars to the luxury sedans that shoppers might find it hard to resist with all that it has to offer. The 2016 Audi A8 offers to its customers a high technology gadgetry among other extras that one can expect from a sedan of similar size and scale. Most of the Audis are made of aluminum which makes it a lighter ride when compared to others like it. The style that the Audi A8 offers to its users is that of class and elegance.

For many years, audi has long dominated the interior design of its models and many people know it due to its mastery of the interiors. The A8 on the other hand continues to hold the reputation with the unique materials that are used to craft the interiors and make them stunning as they are.

The Quattro AWD system

This is a system that makes the Audi A8 a good choice for many people. This is because the system allows the vehicle to consume less fuel than many other of a similar category. This system has also made it easier to handle the vehicle so that the driver can have an easy time while driving.

The Audi connect

This is a system in the vehicle which is the internet connectivity and allows the vehicle to have aerial imagery and also a 3D resolution that is very high quality. This makes it easier for those using the roads to be able to monitor traffic and other things that will enhance the driving experience of the customer.

Audi drive select system

This is a system that offers the driver different options when it comes to suspension of the vehicle, the transmission, the engine calibrations as well as the steering. All of this is meant to enhance the driving experience of the driver.

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