Went to This Really Wild Party

In fact I am not really sure if it is exactly a party when it moves from one place to a place. I do not personally know the guy who was having the birthday, but he apparently has a great deal of money to spend on his party. His father owns the company that employs one of my best friends and that is how I got to tag along. They hired two of these party buses from Platinum Toronto, which is obviously a place that rents party buses and limousines. Each of them held around forty people and they were completely packed full of people. They had a lot of free beer and liquor on them as well and if you have been to a wedding before you probably know how people act around free booze. Pretty soon I had this girl sitting in my lap and telling me what a big jerk who ex boyfriend had been to her.

In fact I was not really interested in her relationship problems and she did not seem to be over this other guy at any rate. It did not matter too much, because we stopped at a club where they were having a show. She started telling her story to some other guy while we were in there and I guess the two of them went off together on the other bus. There were plenty of other girls and I got to talking to a couple of them. Neither of them were drunk, but they were both very attractive and I managed to end getting the phone number of one of them. I am going to call her when I get off of work tonight. Of course that might seem a bit too eager, but I do not really care. There is not any reason to delay.

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